I have chosen this picture because it reflects our classrooms.

I want to show you a useful tool for our English classroom. We use it in order to evaluate students' productions.
  • First of all, we choose the topic.
  • Then, we decide which descriptors we are going to take into account when we are going to evaluate the activity.
  • After that, we start working on it.
  • Next, if it is an oral presentation, we try to record it.
  • Finally, we watch the recording and evaluate it with our descriptors in front of us. We assess students individually and also give comments about the production:does s/he get it? why?
The aim is to reflect on learning, I mean, they learn to learn.

The name is PORTFOLIO. Here you have this power point presentation to have a look at:

Just in case, sometimes we have problems with the variety of levels in the same class.So,some of them can be watching these videos and write some comments about them. off we go!